Overboard profiled on the Daily Grommet

Daily Grommet After a chance encounter with the site’s Chief Marketing Officer at one of our holiday mall gigs, we were recently interviewed for the Daily Grommet’s blog. Included at the end of the article are a short video taken from a recent rehearsal (forgive Nick’s crazy hair, he’s due for a haircut soon!) and a special, limited time, giveaway for the site’s visitors. Let us know what you think!

Thanks to Jeanne and Angella for making this happen, we are really excited to have been included among your featured articles!


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  • You guys certainly know how to make an impression! I was thrilled to meet you and have the opportunity to introduce you to the Daily Grommet community — we’ll all enjoy following your story. Thanks for the “Help” download and the great video you shared with us. Best of luck in the year ahead.

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