Overboard Sings at the United Parish of Upton

Hi everyone! Fall is truly here, and we are gearing up for our busy-as-usual holiday season. We have had a fantastic summer with many great gigs and a recording project in the works. We are very proud to have donated our time and music to several charity and community events during the summer months and we hope our audiences have enjoyed our singing!

Our most recent musical venture was for the United Parish of Upton in Upton, Massachusetts. Arriving at the Church on this beautiful Saturday afternoon was like living a scene from a movie: a sleepy New England town, at the peak of fall foliage season, ready to tuck in for some good old a cappella music!

Although we brought our sound system and microphones for this show, once we explored the church hall and warmed up, we realized that we could better utilize the intimate space by using a few area mics instead of individual mics. The space had the kind of rich ring to it that can really enhance a group’s blend. We finished setting up and spent some downtime in the church lounge as Joe serenaded us on the piano with his Latin-jazz renditions of “Take On Me” and “Piano Man.”

When 8:00 rolled around, we hit the ground running (Scott will correct me here and say we hit the ground singing). The church hall had filled up nicely with lots of friendly faces and their energy was fantastic. An excited, lively crowd is all any musician can hope for, and Upton delivered! In between songs, we shared stories and introductions and a good time was had by all. The folks in Upton even learned how Stu got his name and very eagerly offered up some great new suggestion! My vote is for Spike (thank you gentleman in the third pew).

Nick ended the show belting out his best Gnarls Barkley with “Crazy,” and when the crowd called for an encore, Stu crooned them with Michael Buble’s “Home.” During intermission and after the show, we had a chance to chat with many of members of the audience, which was a real treat. I think we had as much fun as the people of Upton did at this show and we look forward to returning!

Take care,
Josh (the original)

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