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Overboard article in the “Newburyport Daily News”

Emily Young wrote a nice piece about Overboard and our recent accomplishment of being a Top 5 finalist in the CBS Early Show’s A Cappella Quest competition. Follow the link below to read the see the write-up.

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Congrats to Mosaic!

We’d like to congratulate Mosaic for winning the CBS Early Show A Cappella Quest competition hosted by Boyz II Men. This morning, Boyz II Men announced the winning group live on the Early Show. Even though we didn’t win, we were still extremely excited to have been selected as a Top 5 finalist. It was [...]

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Overboard is in the Top 5 on CBS!

We’re thrilled to announce that Overboard was selected as a Top 5 Finalist among the hundreds who submitted videos to the CBS Early Show’s Boyz II Men A Cappella Quest! The Top 5 was announced at 8am on Friday, December 14th. Tune in to the Early Show on Monday, December 15th when the winning group [...]

Overboard enters the CBS Early Show A Cappella Quest

We recently submitted our entry into the Boyz II Men A Cappella Quest competition on The Early Show on CBS. In the hopes of finding “the next great a cappella group,” they have asked for video submissions; so, we put forth our best effort and recorded two songs at practice one night – Crazy and [...]

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