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Pioneer Valley Yacht Club (Longmeadow, MA)

This past Saturday, we had the pleasure to perform at the Pioneer Valley Yacht Club in Longmeadow, MA, also known as the hometown of our beloved summer intern, Dave.

We were welcomed into Dave’s house with open arms and had the chance to meet his family, including Astro, the family dog, before heading off to the gig. Longmeadow sits along the Connecticut River and the Pioneer Valley Yacht Club is a cozy setting with great views. We set-up our equipment on the club patio, applied a heavy coating of bug spray and waited for the fun to begin!

As the sun set over the horizon, we let the tunes flow. We had a great audience, some of whom were so lively that they even started dancing in the aisles. Stu got yet another pseudo nickname, Wolf, which he has taken to quite readily! We even had the chance to make-up a rendition of “Lion Sleeps Tonight” on the spot. Who knew Josh knew all the lyrics?

Altogether, it was a great night. We had a chance to meet so many wonderful people. We owe Dave a lot of thanks for giving us the opportunity to do such a great gig. We are going to miss you when you head off to school in a couple weeks, buddy!


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