Back to the Cornerstone!

As you loyal readers may remember, the Cornerstone Bookstore is a cozy book shop with a small seating area perfect for a cappella located in the heart of historic Salem, MA. We’ve gigged here before and have loved the intimacy of the venue. It’s so great when we can really get to know and connect with our audience, which was especially true with last night’s rowdy crew. We did a couple sets and even had a surprise guest member, Alex Grover, who sang with Joe in the Wheaton College Gentlemen Callers and joined us in our newest tune, “One Fine Day.”

After the gig, we went down the street to Boston Beer Works to celebrate Scott’s 28th birthday with a special guest appearance by Scott’s parents! By the end of dinner, we were thrilled to give Scott his present, an electronic drum kit… as if vocal percussion wasn’t enough for this guy! Anyway, we are really happy that we could celebrate with him and his family! Happy Birthday Scott!!


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