Sweetser Series

We’re always thrilled to return to places we’ve performed before, to revisit old friends and make new ones. One of the audience we especially like to come back to are the women of the Sweetser Series based out of Dyer Library in Saco, Maine. We performed for them last spring after the library director read an article about us in the Portland Press Herald. We had a great time singing for them, despite a bit of rainy weather, so we thrilled when we found out that they had invited us back again this summer. This series is designed to bring all types of educational entertainment for the community of Saco to enjoy! As always, it was our pleasure to put on an intimate concert for this lovely crowd. We especially enjoyed having the chance to talk with the audience after the performance. The drive all the way up to Saco was definitely worth it! We love the people and it is a beautiful part of the country (and we’re not just saying that because Nick and Josh are from Maine!).


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