Land and Sea

We just spent the afternoon enjoying a charming cruise of Boston Harbor, singing for Symantec’s annual “Land and Sea” event. We had a great time entertaining the folks throughout the ship, as well as enjoying what had to be, without a doubt, the world’s largest cheese plate! After our performance, we enjoyed an extended cruise […]

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Westwood Summer Concert Series

Last night, we headed out to Westwood and performed as part of their summer concert series. It was a full house, with balloon animals as far as the eye could see! We were lucky enough to get front-row seats to several “balloonsaber” duels… it was pretty sweet! Great times, looking forward to making it back […]

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Street Performing in Newburyport

What better way to spend the Sunday of a long weekend than traversing the streets of quaint Newburyport? If you count yourself among the people who know of this Northshore gem, then you also are probably familiar with our group. We have, after all, been street performing in Newburyport during the summer months for the […]

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Marblehead Festival of Arts

Finally, July! We say this not only as an avid supporter of our nation’s birthday, but also because with this new month the precipitation has tapered and summer is officially here! Unfortunately, July began for Overboard much like June ended…with rain. However, on July 2 we battled through the mist and fog of the Northshore […]

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