Overboard at Male House Rock

Hi everyone, Josh here!

I was thinking back today about a gig we sang a couple of weeks ago and I began to realize how great this event was and how glad I am to have taken part. It’s an annual event called ‘Male House Rock,’ and it was a fantastic day-long series of seminars, workshops, and performances up in Saco, Maine, dedicated to bringing male choral music to Maine’s young tenors and baritones (I imagine there were one or two basses, but let’s not get hasty).

Given the lineup of performers, which included the UMaine Steiners, Sidecar Heroes, and the world-renowned Canadian quartet, Cadence, I can imagine quite a few young singers were inspired. There are many members of Overboard (myself included) who were influenced by similar performances when we were younger and we’ve been singing ever since. Strangely enough, both Scott and I were first introduced to a cappella music when we heard the Steiners sing at our respective high schools. I wouldn’t have thought back then that I would eventually become a member of the Steiners and have four great years singing with them through college!

I know the guys of Overboard were pumped to be a part of this day of singing, but for me personally I had the added enjoyment of seeing the Steiners in action again, as well as singing with the Sidecar Heroes (SH has 5 former Steiners!). If you’re interested, a clip of our rendition of Sarah Bareilles’s “Gravity” can be found on our YouTube page at www.youtube.com/overboardvocals.

We were also able to continue the trend of having the Overboard “dressing room” be a kindergarten classroom, wherein the chairs are all a towering 8 inches high.


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