Guest Grouping for Up the Octave

Once upon a time, the men of Overboard were not the working “professionals” we are today. In fact, at one point we were actually the epitome of the 18-22 age range…the college student. As this is the case, we find a natural inclination towards performing with actual college groups so that we may relive the heydays of our youth. A terrific example of this was April 5, when we performed at the spring concert for Brandeis College’s all-female group, Up the Octave.

College shows are different from most performances, as the crowds they draw are eager with anticipation, anxiously waiting to hear the vocal bliss only a group of human voices can produce. Singing to smiling parents and students alike lends itself well to our set, as it charges the group and boosts our sound in the best of ways.

After the show we enjoyed a rare treat… dinner with the ladies of UTO. It was great getting to know them a little better after their dynamic performance and we hope to sing with them again in the near future.


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