Surprise Engagement

Any newly engaged couple can tell you that the only things you need for a successful proposal are a ring, wine and Overboard. Wait… one of those isn’t right. Oh right! You need champagne, not wine! Earlier today, we played part in a surprise wedding proposal when we sang to an unsuspecting future bride with […]

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Overboard at Male House Rock

Hi everyone, Josh here! I was thinking back today about a gig we sang a couple of weeks ago and I began to realize how great this event was and how glad I am to have taken part. It’s an annual event called ‘Male House Rock,’ and it was a fantastic day-long series of seminars, […]

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Guest Grouping for Up the Octave

Once upon a time, the men of Overboard were not the working “professionals” we are today. In fact, at one point we were actually the epitome of the 18-22 age range…the college student. As this is the case, we find a natural inclination towards performing with actual college groups so that we may relive the […]

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