Guest Grouping for the Nor*easters

On Sunday, March 22nd, my two a cappella world’s collided.

Who would have thought that I, Larry Galbraith, would be returning to my alma mater to sing the praises (literally) of semi-professional a cappella?

As a former member of the Nor’easters, Northeastern’s longest running co-ed group, I helped to lead up the tenor section for four years before my timely graduation into the real world.  However, despite a job, an apartment and a 401k, I found myself longing for music to be a part of my life again.  Enter Overboard, the three year old semi-pro group that places delivering a premier sound above all else.  I auditioned, was accepted and have since been in the group for five months of recording, gigging and, above all, improving.

Naturally, when the Nor’easter’s president requested a collaboration for their spring concert, we readily accepted, though I could only imagine how strange it would feel to return to Northeastern and watch my collegiate group from the sidelines.  Thankfully, part of being asked to perform at a show is actually performing.  This was my chance to show my former group that a cappella isn’t just for college and how with six people you can produce a sound large enough to fill an entire room.  After running our set, we were met with the roar of applause not only from the crowd, but also from the other groups, which was a great feeling.

I send a tremendous amount of credit to my former group for producing their first CD.  Thanks to Pitch Slapped from Berklee College of Music, to the Xtension Chords from the University of Illinois and, obviously, to my Nor’easters… it was great getting to perform with you one more time.


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