Overboard at SIMON Malls

Christmas, arguably the biggest holiday of the year, is known for many things.  Trees decorated with bright lights and flashing tinsel, colorfully wrapped presents and vibrant-green mistletoe are just a few of the iconic symbols of the coming of St. Nick.  But… a cappella?  In the mall!?  It’s preposterous!

Or is it?  Over this past holiday season Overboard collaborated with regional SIMON Malls to spread holiday cheer to harried shoppers.  Singing songs from Tidings, as well as other holiday classics, we watched as frenetic shoppers stopped to listen for a peaceful few minutes before continuing their quest for the perfect gift.  At each of these events, we were surprised to draw a rather substantial crowd who, despite the mall’s echoing commotion, expressed their delight with a warm round of applause at the end of each set.

Thank you to Jyllian Paul, Jessica Charles and the rest of the SIMON malls staff, who were gracious and helpful hosts.


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