YMCA Friendraiser

During the sweltering months of summer, Crane’s Beach is a well-known haven to those on Boston’s North Shore, spectacular for a day of sand, surf and sun.

Perched high above the beach on Castle Hill is the Crane Estate, a humble 59 room “summer home” with century-old architecture and elegant Old World decor.  It was here, in the cold grip of winter, that Overboard made its Ipswich debut for the Ipswich YMCA’s Friendraiser.

The evening was comprised of charitable recognition and formal dress, complete with us singing through our holiday repertoire with songs like “I’ll be Home for Christmas,” “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” and the Joni Mitchell favorite, “River.”  The entire set was off mic, treating the crowd to a more intimate performance before the evening came to a close with the acknowledgment of the guests’ philanthropic contributions.

A special thanks to the Ipswich YMCA Executive Director Mr. Gerry Beauchamp who organized the event (and bought us all a drink!).  His one liners were sensational.


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